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Get your Health in Motion Today!


Move Better, Feel Better.
Are you ready?

Experience the way physical therapy and hand therapy should feel! Together, we will take a complete approach to enhancing your function through movement. We believe that helping you achieve your goals is our job, no matter your age or ability. In our eyes, everyone is an athlete, and your complex body deserves comprehensive attention. Our team is your team.

  • A patient-centered approach to healing because we know that pain and dysfunction affect your mind, body and spirit
  • Custom treatment programs that address the source of the problem with a focus on whole body movement
  • Your therapist is a movement specialist. They are your link to tangible and life-changing results

Complimentary Assessment

Wondering if you could benefit from physical therapy or hand therapy?

Not sure where to start?

Take the first step towards feeling great by scheduling a complimentary movement assessment.

Seeking a physical therapist or hand therapist first for your injury, aches and pains can save you time and money. It may even get you moving better than you ever thought you could!

Let us help you first. At Spooner, our therapists are ready to discuss your situation, take a quick look at how you move, and assess your injury. Then, we will suggest options to address your condition, and together we will create a plan to help you return to your active life.

You don’t need a prescription to see one of our therapists for a complimentary assessment. Just call us today.

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